Saint-Petersburg private boat tour

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1-2 hours

Pick up & drop off

At your chosen destination



By private boat

No hidden cost

All taxes included

Private guide

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Embark on a discovery of St. Petersburg
By day or by night, enjoy a cruise on the Neva River to discover St. Petersburg as you’ve never seen it.

Gliding under one bridge to another with a view of the finest monuments, river banks and cozy channels.

Bridges in Saint Petersburg are astonishing and unique monuments; especially the drawbridges offer you a breathtaking and extraordinary spectacle during the White Nights.

But with such a once-in-a-lifetime experience at hand, it’d be a shame to water it down by booking one of those mass market tourist-grade cruises. So, we can get way more imaginative than that.

Instead, our Private Neva River Cruise provide a private motorboat with a certified captain at the helm and an uber-passionate guide at your side to explain the sights as you drift along.

No view of St. Petersburg is better than the view from the city’s waterway, so be sure to bring your camera!

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Tour Overview:

Iconic sights of St. Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland
Nothing captures the majesty of St. Petersburg quite like breezing along the Neva River, which offers an endless parade of breathtaking monuments each more inspiring than the last: Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Spit of the Vasilevsky island, Menshikov palace, Mariinsky theatre, Stroganoff palace, Sheremetiev palace and much more.

An exciting tour through the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg will allow travel back in the era of the late XIX – early XX century, enjoy the classic city center of St.Petersburg, fabulous palaces and buildings, granite embankments of the Neva River and panoramic view of the Gulf .

Classic and modern St.Petersburg
Unique route opens to you all sides of the city: classic magnificence of the parade centre, old industrial regions, park ensembles on islands and many other.
Winter palace, The Fortress, the Spit of the Vasilevsky island, romantic Northern islands, Elagin palace and numerous Petersburg bridges Peter and Paul are only the small part of that which you will enjoy during the travel.
Drawbridges Night – postcard view of Saint-Petersburg!
Breathtaking journey over night-time Neva river when bridges are raised! Enjoy the selection of unmissable drawbridges during the trip: Palace Bridge, Troitsky Bridge, Liteyny Bridge, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, AlexanderNevsky Bridge, Sampsonievsky Bridge and Blagoveschensky Bridge.

Stunning night city views, romantic atmosphere and magnificent lightning… St. Petersburg at night is no doubt must see.

  • Experience St. Petersburg on an exclusive private excursion
  • Take in unequaled views of Winter palace, The Fortress, the Spit of the Vasilevsky island & much more
  • Jaw-droppingly picturesque views of St.Petersburg monuments from the river
  • 42 islands, 800 bridges, 93 rivers and canals
  • A classy upscale private boat
  • Bridges with lions, golden wings gryphons, sphinxes, colored and even bridge of kisses.
  •  Breton shirts for each member of your group
Kazan Cathedral

Kazan Cathedral

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Best viewing points in St. Petersburg

Best viewing points in St. Petersburg

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The mystery of the Mikhailovsky castle

The mystery of the Mikhailovsky castle

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