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The palace on the University embankment, which was built for the first Governor of St. Petersburg and a confidant of Emperor Peter I – Prince Alexander Menshikov, became the first monumental stone building in the city. The unique look of the palace has developed in the course of a long phased construction from 1710 to 1727. In Menshikov time the estate area, where the palace was located, stretched through the whole of Vasilievsky Island. It comprised a park, a vegetable garden, a bathhouse, a blacksmith shop, a bakery and other facilities.

The interior of the Menshikov palace is a combination of traditional and progressive techniques and forms: all the achievements in construction and art of the time have been applied here. In the finishing and decoration of the rooms the most expensive contemporary materials were used: marble, monumental-decorative painting, antique and contemporary Italian sculptures, carved and inlaid wood, European painted cobalt tiles, Russian stove tiles, painted and embossed leather, precious fabrics and woolen tapestries.

During the tour you will learn the biography of the first St. Petersburg governor and the history of the Menshikov mansion. Accompanied by a professional guide, you will visit the unique Walnut room with an exceptional veneer, beautiful staterooms, and a Large Chamber with objects of decorative art and the abovementioned tapestries of the 17th century.

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Tour Overview:

The Menshikov Palace

Nowadays, the Menshikov Palace in St. Petersburg is a branch of the State Hermitage Museum. It gives the visitors an opportunity to immerse into history of Russian culture of the 18th century and the atmosphere of the Peter’s epoch.

During the tour you will visit the room of Kordegarda where important military guests waited for the reception, walk up the oak stairs to the prince’s chambers and descry the Great Hall, where in the early 18th century Peter I held meetings and celebrated military victories. The so-called Walnut Cabinet deserves special attention. It is trimmed with rare woods and appliques in bronze and tortoise shell. The Walnut Cabinet served as the main office for the reception of important guests. Prince Menshikov was passionate about chess, so here you will see a unique chess table with amber chess pieces. It is said that Peter loved to sit in a chair and play chess at this very table. And don’t forget to examine the lobby: it is decorated with an ancient statue of Apollo, which was made by Roman artisans in (just imagine!) the 2nd century.

In the rooms of the Menshikov Palace you will also find rare objects of applied art and weapons, astronomical instruments and rich collection of paintings.


  • Explore the first residential stone builduing in St.Petersburg 
  • Be impressed by majestically decorated halls and chambers of the noble manison
  • Imagine Peter the Great sitting in a gilded chair and playing chess with prince Menshikov
  • Admire the genuine Apollo Statue that is more than 1800 years old


  • A detailed tour on the mansion that used to be the center of St. Petersburg cultural life in 18th century
  • Fascianating historical and cultural review on the palace’s exhibits delieverd by a professional guide
  • Museum enrty tickets and comfortable private transportaion


  • Playing an exiting game of chess with prince Menshikov’s amber chess pieces
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