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The first meeting with the city is like a first date – both are usually remembered for a long time, so one should approach it carefully and responsibly. For those who have never been to Moscow, Russian capital is often seen as a set of separate slides: Red square, the Kremlin, the Mausoleum, the GUM. We will help you to tie these images together and show you Moscow as it is known and loved by residents and visitors. Only a few hours at our disposal won’t be a problem – this is just enough to make a journey through the ages and see the main attractions of the vast metropolis.

You will visit the historical center of the city and explore famous museums and magnificent cathedrals, lush boyar chambers and battlements of the Kremlin. Exquisite beauty of the Alexander Garden, which is a wonderful green area in the middle of a city of glass and concrete – without a doubt, will long remain in your memory, while special aura emanating from the fairytale-like St. Basil’s Cathedral will delight even the most jaded traveller. And, of course, you will meet another symbol of Moscow – the legendary Bolshoi Theatre, which represents the rich cultural heritage of Russia and its capital.

Bright, luxurious, both ancient and modern Moscow invites you for a magnificent journey.

*Please note: this tour can include entry into cathedrals or museums at extra cost.

Moscow City Tour

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Tour Overview:

Red Square and the Alexander Garden

Red square is a historical and actual heart of Moscow. Of course, one can always individually walk along the Kremlin walls, admire St. Basil’s Cathedral, visit the GUM, stand by the famous GUM’s fountain and take a photo at the fountains on Manezh square. But our carefully elaborated guided tour gives you an opportunity to hear about events that happened here, learn interesting details about the towers of the Kremlin, find out how the Kremlin was constructed, why the Neglinka River disappeared and many more interesting things.

During the tour you will see the walls and towers of the Moscow Kremlin, the famous GUM and Lenin’s mausoleum. You will walk along the cobblestones of red square, observe the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and hear the chiming clock. Every stone, every building of the red Square is literally breathes history. Well-preserved examples of Russian architecture allow you to look at the history of the whole country, to feel its core values and learn a lot of new and exciting things.

You will also visit the Alexander Garden, which stretches from Red square to the Kremlin embankment and takes about 10 hectares. Walking through the Alexander Garden, you will see a lot of historical monuments that tell about the glorious past of the Russian people. And if you are lucky enough to visit the garden in spring or summer, then you will love beautiful bed flowers with tulips and roses, as well as majestic lindens, maples and blue spruces.

St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is perhaps the most famous of all Russian churches. The fabulous domes of the Cathedral can be seen on various souvenirs and the outline of the Cathedral serve as Russia’s symbol. An outstanding architecture, outdoor decorations, monumental painting, murals, rare examples of Russian icon-painting — all this makes St. Basil’s Cathedral unique in its beauty and significance. For over four centuries the Cathedral stands on Red square, but its secrets open only to the most inquisitive.

For example, did you know that inside St. Basil’s Cathedral there is not one but several churches? And that the actually name of the cathedral is The Intercession of the Blessed Virgin on the Moat? The Church is full of all sorts of surprises, from the internal structure to associated legends. During the captivating tour our experienced guide will tell the most interesting of them. You will see magnificent interior decorations of the cathedral, learn the names of different parts of the church and, of course, find out their meanings.

Tverskaya street

Tverskaya at all times has been the main street of Moscow. Through Tverskaya street tsars and tsarinas, Russian and foreign nobility entered the city. Nowadays the guests of the city love to walk along Tverskaya, especially in the evenings, and on holidays crowds of onlookers join in the solemn procession that pass traditionally pass through the street . Carnival evening illuminations on the street attracts thousands of fans of unusual sensations, which are delivered by the original installations, light shows and bright lights. Many historians say that in the 12 century on the site of the street there was a road leading to Tver. Be sure that our friendly guide will tell you this and other interesting facts related to Tverskaya street in a most captivating and engaging way. 

Nikolskaya street

Nikolskaya street owes it centuries-old popularity to the fact that trade and education have organically coexisted here since ancient times. This is one of the oldest streets of Moscow. In the 16th century the first book in Russia was printed here, and by the end of the 19th century almost half of the street was occupied by bookstores. It housed the first schools, monasteries, homesteads, pharmacy, printing house, typography and much more. Walking through this cozy pedestrian street, you will learn where the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy, in which Mikhail Lomonosov had studied, was situated, what were the names of the first Russian newspapers and what was their length, what food was served in the historic Slavic Bazaar restaurant and other amazing facts.

The Bolshoi Theatre
The Bolshoi Theatre needs no introduction – it is known all over the world. Working here is a great honor for any theatre practitioner, and visiting the show is a constant joy for any fan of classic art. The Bolshoi theatre in Moscow is one of the world’s major dramatic scenes. It played a prominent role in the formation of Russian musical and theatrical schools and in the development of Russian national art, including the world-famous Russian ballet.

The building, which we admire today, was built in 1856 by the architect Albert Kavos. The facade of the theatre still remains one of the brightest examples of classicism in the Moscow architecture: the perfect symmetry, the numerous borrowings from classical ancient architecture, including the eight pillars and a triangular portico, sculpture with Apollo in a chariot drawn by four horses. The building is pronouncedly solemn and looks even more impressive due to the large open space area around.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior *

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow is the largest Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. It accommodates nearly ten thousand people and impresses with its immense size. Few Russian Orthodox churches are as well-known as the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, but it owes its fame not only to the striking architecture and its enormous size. The cathedral is associated with many historical events, many outstanding Russian artists worked on its decoration and design, a lot of famous musical works have been performed here.

You will visit one of the most magnificent churches of Moscow, learn the details of its difficult life path. The guide will explain what the reasons for its construction in the 19th century, and why in the years of the Soviet power the church was almost completely destroyed. The interior of the cathedral, which was completed by such famous masters as Ivan Kramskoi, Vasily Surikov, Viktor Vereshchagin and many others, will amaze you with its splendor and from the observation deck the center of Moscow will be visible at a glance. You will also visit the local museum, which tells about the stages of construction of the cathedral and houses unique ancient icons from around the world.

*Optional visit

  • Walk the main square of Russia and admire the moumental Kremlin towers
  • Feel and absorb the 700-year history of the largest Russian city
  • Be delighted by the dreamlike domes of the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Find out secrets and legends of the Moscow Bolshoi Theater
  • Explore most of the major Russian symbols just in several hours
  • A private sightseeing tour that includes all of the Moscow’s most significant landmarks
  • An exciting walk around the Red square and a leisurely stroll through the Alexander Garden
  • Visit to some of the Moscow’s most famous cathedrals, including tremendous St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Meeting bears with balalaikas walking through the streets
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